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October 29, 2006



nice to have a lil post 'over here' as well. miss the madness (and the wire updates). I'll be checking out the new place to find you and that is NOT blogarazzi, my friend.


Hey JT! I'm getting a bit of shiparazzi on my cruise. I put my photo on Yahoo! and all the "creeps" came out of the woodwork. I'm not your China doll!

I heard about Vox too, but didn't have time to sign up before I left on my trip. I'll be sure to do that when I get back. Hope all is well.


Livejournal for intelligent people? We're gonna need to step outside. Vox is just LJ with less privacy features and trendier templates. I'm keeping my communities, filters, and external feeds ktx.

Hey, how's the new De La? And are you still given up on Veronica Mars? You didn't happen to see the totally out-of-the-show's-character scene with Laura San Giacomo last night? I about spit.


Love this blog so much more than your other one. I just wondered if you finished this season of The Wire. Awesome. The ending is wide open for another season of the same characters minus one. Later.

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