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October 06, 2006



Current site obsessions?

1. Once Upon a Forest - purely design.
2. Greg B - purely for work. The content is not delivered efficiently, but I'm trying to fix that.
3. Your site :)
4. Puritan Blister - a blog with mahups


Are either the Unit or Criminal Intent available on iTunes? You could get a season pass there and free up the TiVo for Veronica Mars, which needs you! If you watch within 24 hours of DVRing, it helps their ratings.

My current website obsessions are Bread and Money and the Craft magazine blog


Why don't you do a recap of Lost? It would probably help some of us decipher the perplexing nature of the storyline. For pure, sappy drama I am lovin' Brothers and Sisters. Great acting. Who doesn't love Nip/Tuck just for the raunchy sex if nothing else?


i caught "dexter". i think i'm really gonna like it. "the wire" is the hotness!

Jason Toney


I won't be doing Lost recaps. There are too many other places that do a good job doing that. I particularly like Begging to Differ's versions and I've been known to talk heavily about the show at Too Much Free Time


Yeah... I go to Agape every now and again, and I grew up in that church. It sounds like you missed meditation, but you can still get into the service after meditation is over. They don't let people in after meditation starts in order to avoid interrupting people that are meditating. As far as I know, if you wait, they'll let you in when meditation is over. The service is somewhat separate from meditation. I guess I'm ignoring the question. Better luck next time!


I still haven't checked out Heroes. The comic book geek at work keeps raving about it. I must have a thing for Matthew Perry's quips because I'm still watching Studio 60. How is it doing in the ratings? I finally got on The Office bandwagon. Too bad Mrs. KB doesn't get it. Have yet to watch Prison Break, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, or The Wire. Yeah I'm missing out. I know.

I think it's time to upgrade the TiVo.

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