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August 23, 2006



Oh man, The Wire. Can't wait for that either. I've been watching last season reruns before Deadwood and it's gotten me so excited for the new season. The Stringer episode last week was so brilliant. Brother Muzone and Omar together. HBO can do television like no one else. I've just got to find a way to forgive them for cancelling Deadwood.

I'm saving When the Levee Broke for an all at once viewing this weekend or next because I'm expecting it to tear me up.


The Wire. I think the three of us (you, Michelle and I) are all aware of the Wire love that is in this group. I excited about seeing what story they will tell next. I'm hoping it won't be a let down like the season spent at the docks.

As far as When the Levee Broke, I haven't gotten around to it, but Spike does well with these types of things, so I'm looking forward to watching it and getting emotional.

I liked this post.

j. brotherlove

I'm behind like crazy on The Wire so I'll be sure to stay away from your spot during the recaps ( I hate spoilers).

I wish Deadwood wasn't a western. I have an internal switch that instantly shutsdown when I see tumbleweeds and the like. I haven't even given it a chance.

Dan Wickett

What a great post - sorry, I'm rather late to your site but it's wonderful.

The Wire is brillant, wonderful television, as was The Corner, and Homicide before it - hopefully HBO continues to let David Simon do whatever he wants on their network in his exploration of our country through the city of Baltimore.

And Spike's documentary had me reeling back and forth from anger to tears.


Angel from Concreteloop linked this entry on a message board as a part of one our Wire threads.

I don't understand why TWOP won't recap the Wire, but hey man PLEASE do it...I'm going to give recapping a shot as well on a couple of message boards, it's something that needs to be done.

HBO really does put BET and TV One to shame with their afrocentric programming! Don't forget Lackawanna Blues and the fact that they were the "studio" behind Idlewild...and if you REALLY want to stretch, Martin's sitcom from the 90's was an HBO Films production as well. Thank goodness for HBO!

Good entry man...

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