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May 20, 2006



My hell day was Wednesdays too! Especially after CBS moved 'The Amazing Race' there mid season. I hope it does well on Sundays in the fall... wasn't it there a couple of seasons ago?


I'll be watching VMars, too. I missed the season finale! Oh well. Don't tell me anything.

I'm not into watching fictional shows as much (until Nip/Tuck is back on). I watch docu-type shows on Travel Channel, etc. A new season of No Reservations is a must for me.


I love me the L&O:CI, so I am very sad to see that it'll be up against NUMB3RS on Friday night, because I love that show, too. What to do, what to do?!


Ok, what is it about "Bones" that you like? I'm curious because I started out watching it and lost all interest.

What keeps you coming back to it?


i am so lovin your blog. it is crazy cool. as for tv, you aren't diggin 'grey's anatomy'? i know that 'desperate housewives' fell off this season, but they promise that it will get back on track, so i will give them another chance. oh, and cw's 'everybody hates chris' - likin that quite a bit.


It is too early to comment...but the task of remembering to catch Everybody loves Chris at SIX OCLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON on SUNDAY...during FOOTBALL SEASON...is daunting to say the least.

you really should give Grey's a chance...its much better than the trailers indicate.

Jason Toney

All, I'm going to hook up with the Grey's Anatomy DVDs this summer. It's just on a rough tv night. I want my cold case and my L&O:CI and my HBO on Sundays.

But now that it is moving to Thursdays, maybe I can work it out.

Jason Toney

Oh, and I don't know why I like Bones really. I like the supporting cast. I'm always amused by David Boreanaz and it's kind of charming in it's almost complete rip-off of the Crossing Jordan format.

Nerd Girl

I went TV free for a week earlier this year, and it was niiice. Got a lot done - and slept more too!

I'll be catching up on the first season of Grey's this summer, and that's really the only show I'm committed to for the fall.

Oh - I lied - Girlfriends is a def must watch for me too!

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