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May 25, 2006



Hi. I don't watch Lost (even though my brother has been pushing me), so I didn't read this entry. I just wanted to say that the image you used reminded me of the 18th century theatre/art movement called the Sublime. Hooray for higher learning!


Ok, I missed a lot of this season cus school was on Wednesday, and I'm too cheap for Tivo. So I had a lot of catching up to do, and the finale may not be the best moment. It was fascinating to me, but at moments confusing. I look forward to the re-airings.

Miss Ahmad

i am in total agreement, this was the best television I've ever seen! there are so many moments that I just could just watch over and over again...

Desmon is the new Jack!

So many questions I'm gonna have to watch it again.

By the by~how is that Murs joint?


"The beach is going to be fucked up"- that is so funny. I am still processing.


At first I was underwhelmed by the finale. Then I started thinking about all the things that were revealed and introduced and trolling back through the memory banks and making connections. The more I thought about it the more great I realized it was.

Jason Toney

Miss Ahmad -- The New Murs Joint is hot to death.

I've picked up a whole lot of good 2006 music this month.


i've never watched this show. why do yall love it? it looks like folk running up and down the beach to me.

Jason Toney

Why I love LOST:

1. multiculti multi-character show with exceptional writing.
2. a total sci-fi show without being too sci-fi.
3. it is a show that works on several levels for all levels of investment in the plot. You can be like me and get a little obsessive about the high-minded plot points dealing with philosophy and faith or you can take it in as an action drama and just leave it there.
4. Jin & Sun
5. Mr. Eko
6. exceptional location.


Amen on the Desmond thing. Bring on the Desmond. More, more, more! With the voices, etc.: didn't Rousseau at one point imply that hearing them (and seeing things that others' couldn't - or could, like say Kate's horse) was a symptom of The Sickness?
I thought the finale was pretty, and was happy to see Sun and Jin get to do something, and woohoo on the Kelvin connection, but I am so sick of the inconsistencies and discontinuity. They need to plot out their damned story arcs, and outline the episodes toward an effing coherent conclusion; even if we never get to see whatever the ending they have in mind actually is, at least the writing and characterisation would follow some sort of (let's say Hume-ian) logic.

That said, I keep effing watching. And blurting out "Now you know someone on the island has a metal plate or screws or filings or something embedded in their flesh - where's the post-white-out woundage? Is the foot still standing? Did the minerals react to the magento-thon?

$10 says Sun and Jin end up rescuing everyone. And that Hurley is some kind of bionic human-condition-experiemental Transformerâ„¢. ;)

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