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May 21, 2006



Donnie Brasco is indeed an excellent film. Johnny Depp can do no wrong. And HEE! as I totally watch it whenever it's on cable, too. High five.

You had your The Godfather, I have my Goodfellas. Never seen it, but know about that one long tracking shot that was copied in Swingers. That's about it.


Wow. I thought I was the last person to see The Godfather. I saw it a few years back. I love the character development. I love that Michael Corleone is so tortured, and that he always seems torn between doing the right thing and running his family well, which are not always the same things. It's funny that I love this trilogy, since I don't really like any other gangster films. go fig...

As for the rest.. Hang in there. We're all broke, with gas at $2000 a gallon. LOL. The pendulum always swings back the other way.


Now that you have watched the movie "Godfather" you have to read the book. It is 10X as good as the movie. Once you read the book you will love the movie even more.


Now I am the last person our age to have not seen Godfather. I finally watched Scarface about 2 years ago...and I was stunned at how bad the acting was. Lorenzo Llamas? GTFOHWTB.

What black folk love about Tony/Scarface is the similarity. Tony was a common hood who jumped the broom (pardon the mixed metaphor) and became a kingpin. Its like Rocky for black folk.

You dont get that with Godfather...cause you always imagethem as the kings.


You're in for a treat with part II; it's the best of the series in my opinion. A young Vito played by DeNiro and Micheal coming into his own? Doesn't get any better than that.


i've seen all of these movies and love them all. i watched "goodfellas" again two weeks ago. i want to go back and read the books now...but my list is long enough already.

one of these days....


I BEAT YOU ALL. I have only seen 20 minutes of The Godfather, and have never seen Scarface or Goodfellas, or any other mob movie you can think of. Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh.


For me, its John Cazeles as Fredo. He's the exact opposite of Michael in every way and it eats him up. Finally, in Part 2, he just explodes in the guest house. Huge rage, huge frustration followed by complete and utter defeat. Great acting and a great screen character.


I think the primary difference between Michael Corleone and Tony Montana is exacted revenge and balls-out bravado. And the absolute similarity is the undying pursuit of vindication.

It's how that vindication is achieved that may shed some light onto why Scarface has become a consumed commodity (redundancy intended) and such a strong influence on current cultural facets. I completely agree that the level of violence used in each case is relevant to each charater's appeal.

Michael Corleone , though initially hesitant and thoroughly conflicted, sought out and acted upon his revenge to avenge his family and La Cosa Nostra. Tony simply had something to prove - himself. Both to impress the improbably gorgeous Michelle Pfieffer who's beauty was only surpassed by her very wicked, boredom-induced cocaine addition, and all of those fucks who treated him like an immigrant criminal. Tony had no allegiance to anyone but himself.

Both characters very successfully accomplished their similar and yet separate goals. Michael took the reins after his father became ill, seduced by power born of the respect paid to him by those he protected and paramount was taking out the primary figure in the rival family responsible for the attempt on his father’s life. He used his power to expand the family in a veiled attempt to legitimize its activities and expansion occurred at a great cost to the wiseguy population.

Tony Montana was only seduced by the opportunity to show everyone just how powerful he was. No calculation. Just an inflated ego and a huge chip on his shoulder.

In terms of the power and appeal of each character, which is the most desirable scenario? Working your inherited power to the family's advantage by attempting to legitimize business pursuits, while doing a few horrifying things to get your point across? Or being hard, not giving a shit, and showing everyone just how powerful you are by the hot bitch on your arm, the money in your vault, and the mountain of coke on your beautiful mahogany desk in your tricked out, heavily guarded, customized mansion?

(I choose the former too, but I'm female, 30, and have never shown my Crib on MTV.)

Now you have to watch Mean Streets.


Well said, Felicia. One of my top five favorite scenes in cinema is Tony, coked to the gills, going out in a blaze of gunfire and falling to his death in a pool next to the globe which reads "The World Is Yours."

Also in my top five is Michael after learning of his brother's betrayal grabbing his face violently, kissing him and saying the infamous line, "You broke my heart, Fredo."


My husband loves Godfather, so I watch it with him when he wants.
But, I am more partial to Goodfellas. That could be because I have a crush on Ray Liotta. Whatever.


I can't wait until you see The Godfather, Part II. It's SO good.


I'll add another comment to the "wow, I thought *I* was the last person to see that movie!" list. I finally watched it last year, and was so happy to have it be as good as all of the hype, which movies so rarely are. And then Part II was even better.


I know we are here talking about "gangster" pics but I have to add that whenever "HEAT" comes on I HAVE to watch it. It's not a gangster movie per se but the common denominator in most of these movies is AL PACINO and ROBERT DENIRO. The baddest muthafuckas to ever grace the screen....

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