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April 14, 2006



You KNOW you want me to teach you how to knit.


Eh, I can deal without Roscoe's on Good Friday.


Mmm, Roscoe's. SO jealous. Which one did you go to? The one on Gower or the one on Pico?

And yay to knitting! I say take it up, man.


I AM jealous. Yum.


I prefer to crochet. A fun thing to do is finger knit because you don't need any knitting needles. I recommend it for long airplane trips because it's crafty (you can wear your scarf if it gets cold) and it'll get you a lot of stares from fellow passengers.

I've never been to Roscoe's (sad LA resident), but I wanna take Matty when he visits next month. Which location should we check out?

Ms Mimi

I blog because I have something inside that I want to let free, I keep blogging because I want to see that freedom come back to me.


Knitting? Listen to the universe, Young Jedi! I know there are lots of great knitting shops out there, so give it a shot.

I blog so that the voices in my head have someone to talk to. Fortunately, people actually answer back.

Nerd Girl

Roscoe's. Don't go there. Please. I am craving two things right now - two wings and a waffle from Roscoe's and fish tacos from Taco Nazo. But since I'm about 3000 miles away from Cali, both are sadly out of reach.

I blog because it satisfies my need to blab -relatively anonymously.

Miss Ahmad

in my effort to create a thinner version of my former self i can look at smile when i pass roscoes on the way home..and remember the good times:-)

I blog because it's something to show for all the time i spend surfing the web!


Six months ago i use notes organizer websendsms.com I write my notes and share them with my friends, also I send sms in my country and other countries. :-)

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