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March 26, 2006



it's so nice to find someone besides me who enjoyed the Matrix trilogy...film geek types hate on it soooooo much.


I don't remember if it was mentioned in the movie or not that gays and minorities were part of the "white washing" of the new English regime. The thing that struck me about the movie was that V was portrayed as using the revolution as a guise for his rampant trail of revenge. In reality he was duping everyone, including Evey.


It's interesting that you bring up that point, KB, because that thought also popped into my head as I was watching this movie. Is V a gallant revolutionary? A do-gooder vigilante, a la Batman? Or is "V for Vendetta" just a revenge flick?

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely loved the movie, but there are so many ways to interpret this movie aside from what the some people on one side of the political spectrum would like you to think.

And yeah, where ARE all the brown folk?


As KB mentioned above, the reason Britain is "all-white" in the film is because of racial-and-gay-and-handicapped cleansing--The removal, incarceration, and/or murder of people of difference is clearly stated in the film--and there is also a visual to go along with it. Part of the point of V is that oppressive regimes might start out by getting rid of The Other (minorities, gays, handicapped) but that eventually, everyone is at risk. It's a call to pay attention sooner--to fight for the human rights of others if for no other reason than they will be coming after you next.


Brilliant review of this film. I wondered where the diverse "true" London canvas was....

I too can forgive the love story for the sake of saying there was a love story...


Have any of you people read the graphic novel that was the basis for this movie? If not then you are doing yourself a disservice. The movie is not nearly as good. So, before you go calling V a vigilante or a terrorist go read the graphic novel. It's written by Alan Moore and if you don't know who he is then I suggerst you do some research.

Freedom Prevails


Hello, of course the futuristic society is all white, the government removed all those that were different from their ideal image of man and woman. I mean it was sooo obvious duh! To make a thing out of it is just so unisightful and a reflection of your ignorance and perhaps own personal issues.

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