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March 27, 2006



I just don't like how that person's never even been to SXSW..so how can you say anything when you haven't even experienced it.

Miss Ahmad

Although I've not been to SXSW, unlike Jimi I am inspired to be in the building and listen to your panel, and whatever other panels might interest me and from there make a decision.


See, I'm with Anna. I'd think that: a.) You'd at least want to meet someone before you utterly trashed them, and b.) you'd give them the benefit of the doubt since you didn't have first-hand knowledge. But maybe I'm just stupid.

the izza

Hey. Well, I know I'm late on this, but I've been busy. I'm gonna spend spend some time to spit, if you'll indulge me.

Jason, I got no personal jabs for you, homie. It's crazy-love, all-day, every day. I'm on record---a few times--- as a big fan of the work. BIG fan. That hasn't changed.


Forgive me for being unable to fathom the utter ridiculousness of sitting at the front of a room of white folks suggesting ---ne', bragging--- about aleinating yourself from your own people. That whole line of conversation felt like a bit of country club coonin', and that's what I said.You hads to know from the curb someone would call you on all that stuff. I was nice---somebody else would ate out on that for weeks. If you ever see me on TV or in a room of people poppin' some crazy smack, pull my card, Jack. Pull it HARD.

I guess it would be hard not to take my post personally, but I wouldn't. I'm a professional opinion writer, and I like to think of myself as 'hard but fair'. That's subjective, to be sure. Not backing off it. Jus' sayin'.

I think your work, at times, gets to undiscovered country---giddy-up, I say.
You still gets love @jdotscom. I got your back--if you get in a jam, we can gas up the Bronco and get South of the border, homie. But not on no crazy, "I'm boojee and proud" ish. No sir. Save that act for Rachel, Chandler and Joey. All day, otherwise.

Thinking about it, you may be at the vanguard of a very important movement...I think there is a New Blackness afoot that relies heavily on class and social cues, and I find it fascinating. Me? I'm making a pretty hot dolla, got a decent edjewmacation---soon, a terminal degree--- but my heart will stay with my folks.

Keep it greasy...

ah holla.

PS and next year... ahm going. Shonuff.

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