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March 29, 2006


Miss Ahmad

the nooner keeps me on track!

could you please read Hokum by Paul Beatty now so I can partake in some engaging online discussion?

Jason Toney

Ha. Just started reading it last night actually. Need to update what I'm consuming.


Was Thief actually on last night? I tried to find it on direct tv and it didn't appear to be playing at the listed time. Now I have to wait until Monday when they re-air the pilot.


That Fishscale is dope, I don;t know how to feel about "Thief" either. It is is average, or I am just having withdrawals from "The Shield"..lol


I want to watch Thief as well. Man, I really need tivo and cable.

Ok, that myspacedeath.com is really disturbing. I feel kind of sick now.

jay smooth

That mydeathspace thing really creeped me out, i considered removing the post.. especially since my LJ friend lives right by that seattle shooting, and knew several of the victims..

btw do you think people can tell that most posts in that blog are by my co-blogger (clogger) and not me? you think i should make the author's name more prominent?

yeah i'd love to hear how hokum compares to the mel watkins book, if you've read it..

Miss Ahmad

what's the mel watkins book should it also be read?


Too right, Jason, I just might do that!


Loving Fishscale too. Not checking Thief... not yet. Making initial plans for SxSWi 2007. I think the buildup will be explosive by the time it rolls around next year.

Wow, I have Billboard's #1 AND #2 albums this week. Heh...


If you like 'Fishscale', check out the new Ghostface mixtape, 'The Broiled Salmon Mixtape.' It's a career-spanning retrospective hosted by Tony Starks himself and featuring a bunch of rare and unreleased tracks, including one from the upcoming ep with MF Doom! It might just be BETTER than 'Fishscale'...

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