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March 27, 2006



I was at the block party. The film does capture the essence of what it was all about, but being there...probably one of the best shows I've ever attended (and I've seen all the artists live prior to this show). I remember Lauryn walking past me; I told my friend her eyes looked vacant. Definitely wasn't the highlight of the show.

kat jenkins

I LOVED this movie! It was essentially the soundtrack of my college career. I agree with you, except I was excited to see the fugees, especially lauryn. Her eyes did seem a bit vacant, voice not as bad as the unplugged album though. I wish they'd been on the soundtrack, whici I love btw.


Oh man, I MUST see this! Thanks for the recap!


six of us went to see "block party". we rocked the theater the entire film. i personally got up and danced. we can do that in the 'sip because people never come to flicks like this.

dead prez, jill and erykah were my highlights. they had me wishing they featured common more.


i hear ya. for 90 minutes this film made me proud to be an american.

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