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January 10, 2006



ahhh another satisfying entry, thank you. i appreciate that you write about what you know and youdo it well. peace.


I was at that same Sounds Eclectic concert with my sister. I don't know if I became obsessed with Sia after that, but I definitely wanted to hear more.

On another note, oddly enough I remembered your Sia obsession when listening to KCRW this week and hearing them mention her US solo debut after they played "Breathe Me" (which made me want to cry, weird, I know).


I've only heard one song of hers, "Breathe me". I love that song!


you will love her set on KCRW which she will be doing tonight at Amoeba...she's my crush. she's so funny. ok, two words:
you will understand why i think that's super hilarious when you listen to the podcast or watch the streaming video

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