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July 10, 2005



Jason, I totally agree! I've always been bad with money, but that book got me all excited about things like Roth IRA's. The book may have a dumb title, but it's probably the smartest purchase I've made all year.


I have been reading this book after my girlfriend's dad bought it for her after finishing grad school. She's up to her neck in debt now, and the book is very smart. And if that wasn't enough, I now have a secure credit card with BOA to help me build up some credit since my score is like crap.


I was planning to pick this up anyway. I'm glad someone thinks its actually good


oh i need to read that book.


I watched the special she had on PBS which was all of the topics in this new book. It was like a few hours! Totally enjoyed it and it has changed my thinking about money and as we speak I am getting my money situation together!

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