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June 12, 2005



this post describes me almost to a T. Just replace LAist with Blogs.Sohh.com and we're twins.

This means I must get read that book. I wonder if my library has it...

Amanda Wray

For inspiration on writing, try getting a subscription to the Sun Magazine. It's terrific.

DJ Diva

I really empathize with the feeling of the lack of focus. I enjoyed your fluidity.


Man - I can completely relate with this - "There are 800 unread blogposts in my bloglines and there are video games to be played and books to be read and DVDs to be watched and movies to be seen and TV shows on my DVR and comic books to be flipped through and email to be responded to and all that but..."



i've really come to realize in the past few weeks that the only way to write is to WRITE. and i count the LAist stuff for myself, because any arrangement of words can be an exercise in craftsmanship. and reading helps, too! so you do it already. and you can do it more. (what a word nerd cheerleader i am being). now you've made me want to read the book, too. i think i will.


Very affecting. I know what you mean. Sometimes no matter how much I want to write something anything I don't hear the words until I'm falling a sleep and too lazy to get a pen and paper and get it all down. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the living of life (tv, music, phone calls, surfing the web) that I just don't write. Recently I went back to my blog, abandonned some 5 years ago and the original page is long gone. I've started it up again and am rambling on. I'm enjoying the writing and I hope you get back to enjoying writing too.


I'll have to check out that book


I disagree with your opening line. You ARE a writer. Keep it up.

Pauly D

Why does this post totally depress me?

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