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April 13, 2005


Prime (AKA Mike)

Ya know, EVERYONE who has listend to Mairah's album is loving it ( and hating the track with Nelly ). I've always been kinda lukewarm towards her work, but this one has me captivated.


It's not better than Faith Evans' CD The First Lady.

I'm not a Mariah Carey hater. I like the Kanye West-produced song "Stay the Night" and the Snoop Dogg collaboration. The rest of the songs -- IMHO -- are by-the-numbers pop ballads. Nothing adventerous, nothing exciting, no emotion -- just the same old Mariah. She needed a song or two that had a little umph in it.

You could probably say the same for Faith's CD. But that banger "Mesmerized" is that "umph" Faith needed to keep the disc moving. Also, Faith's ballads on her disc are very touching, as well -- you can feel the love on those songs.

j. brotherlove

Faith's CD is pretty good, but Mariah's joint brings much needed fire to Pop/R&B. There are literally moments on the disc that make me stop and say "wow". I almost came of my hiatus just to review it.

Like you Jason, it's propably my favorite CD of the year (even with those wack-ass Nelly collabos).


Did you also catch jay at the end of Song Cry? He basically lets everyone know right then and there--Beyonce is my girl. He says "I know the difference between a bitch and a B."

Jake of 8bitjoystick.com

Oh man I love Janeane and Sam on the Majority Report


I heard the entire Gorillaz album at SXSW and was blown away. I've never been a fan, their first album was "ok" and the only reason I went to see them live is because someone in the band gave us passes and access to the open bar but HOOOOOEEEEEYYYY... the only bad thing about the new Gorillaz cd is that I listened to it in March and it doesn't come out until the end of May. Damon and Danger Mouse were at the party, where again...there was an open bar. I love you guys. Thank you Gorillaz.


I have to agree on the Mariah CD. I'm never one to like the CD the very first time I hear. But I love this CD. Emancipation is so hot, it hits every emotion. Mariah just proved that she's still on top.

black ambition

I just watched Fade to Black last weekend.

My favorite part is when he is in Rick Rubin's the house and Rick is blown away by how Jay can just write a song without paper or a pen. I also liked watching Jay-Z leave blanks in the vocals for "99 Problems" in order to fill them in with the cop's voice. Fun to watch!


I may have to check out Mariah's album from my local library (broke grad student here, can't afford $12 shopping sprees)...with all the publicity and posts from blogdom..


Oh God. I actually feel compelled to buy a Mariah CD now. DAMN YOU!!! LOL... I have never bought a Mariah CD in my life... and was confident I never would. *sigh* but I am tempted. We'll see. LOL... I do like Faith's CD... but then I love Faith *shrug* Tweet's is okay too...


Oh, oops... one more thing... good lookin' out on the heads up on "Left of the Dial" I've been seeing that on my Video on Demand and wondering if it was worth checking out. With your endorsement, I will check it out posthaste! =)


Almost two weeks to the hour I'm reading this post. I got the Mighty Mos on repeat, singing to me how he is the most beautiful boogie man. I yawn and read "I'm so yawning at the screen right now." Sting would call that synchronicity.

I totally agree with the Mariah review. I'm not even mad at liking it as a "pop album." I'm also looking forward to The Roots new one, The Game Theory. And that Jay-Z DVD? Well I had to take a road trip without it to stop watching it.

Ok, enough. I'm off to find my favorite nightmare.


Mariah's CD is cool but I'm a fan so don't listen to me. And I like Ms Garafolo. We're kindred spirits; what she says resonates with me 90% of the time. Just gotta take a break from her sometimes when her stream of consciousness speech fills the ol' buffer.

tia williams

You're hilarious. I worship Mariah (gotta love a comeback, airbrushed midsection and all), and am OBSESSED with your blog!! Just immediately added you to my roll at www.tiawilliams.net/blog.

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