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April 24, 2005



Tell me something? When there are so many intelligent literate brothers and sisters out there, why does the media portray us in the way that they do? I’m too old and too different from anyone that I know to be able to clearly understand this phenomenon.

Have I missed some anti-intellectual double speak that was somehow hidden from the “not cool enough” or the “obviously too smart for prime time” that appeared to be assimilating in the late seventies? Or have we cooperated with the established society as a means of surviving? Is it that we take on the camouflage of stupidity and irrelevance just to make sure that we get paid for doing what we love to do a la “Bamboozled”?

Where have you been brother? Where are your peers? Why do we not see you even though we know you are sitting behind the mixing consoles and sitting behind the desks influencing the media generation after generation?

Hide in plain sight must be a good strategy…

Maybe I should have did what everyone else did and stuck to an industry where people of color are expected and accepted instead of following my dream of developing hardware and software? On second thought, I would be dead. I am what I am and could be nothing more or less.

As for Hip-Hop… Remember “The Last Poets”.



"Best book I've read this year, easily."



I really love Jeff's book, and it's not the easiest thing for me to say. I tend to be stuck in a rut with a bout of hip-hop snobbery based on the fact that I grew up in the Bronx around the same time that the music and culture were in their nascent stages. I often tend to be overly critical of books that come out about hip-hop, and of course this is a fault of mine. Yet with Jeff's book, for once, I was able to set aside my snobbery and just reall enjoy the book. Besides, it doesn't hurt that he's an excellent reporter and a damn good writer to boot.

Martin Wisse

*Adds book to list*

Sounds interesting, good review.

(Redhead Kingpin? The only reason I remember him is because we called our redheaded foster brother that. Blimey.)


Mr. JT,
My life takes place in a universe about as distant from yours as it can possibly be-- small town Alabama. I am really enjoying reading your reviews and your other writings too.

I wondered if you'd mind if I mentioned your blog on my lists on my blogs. I just started the blog thing and I have no idea about the etiquette involved. I have one totally self absorbed, endless details, about my daily life, and one devoted to social issues and other 'higher' concerns.

Thanks for the tip on MIA too. Did you read Patricia J. Williams' Open House? I loved it. It was like curling up with a really smart, accomplished, beloved friend for coffee.

Thanks for the good read. I want to link to your blog to remind myself to come back often.


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