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March 23, 2005



I don't know if and of the LA blogs cover Latina/o LA news and issues very well, but I really don't expect them to.


But we should, shouldn't we? One of my biggest challenges as editor is trying to get a site that reflects as much of young (relatively) Los Angeles as we can. That that doesn't include Latino/a stuff drives me bonkers.

I need to do some outreach.


Like you, I'm rooting for Mimi. I was too much of a fan out of the gate.

One of my co-workers put me on to Bloc Party. I've been rocking "Banquet" ever since. For some reason I don't like the dance remix.

And how old school cool is "Dirty Harry?"


It's funny that you mention Mariah. Honey came on the iPod this morning and I thought "I hope she's done with the crazy and brings some really good pop songs back with the new album." Diva's got a voice and she made some really good pop songs back in the day.


Jason, I suppose you should. I actually have difficulty simply finding stuff for Latina/o young adults in LA online. For example, I've searched and only found a few blogs by Latinos living in LA. Good luck with your outreach.


I ALWAYS root for mariah even though I shouldn't and she always disappoints me a little bit more with each new album but I can't help it.. I think I'm a forever fan. Kinda sad.

upcoming.org makes me nervous... it seems that life is moving more and more online every day to the point that it's forcing you to sit in front of your computer even longer every day. Whatever happened to enjoying life and things outside of your house like nature, other people, books, music, etc.?

I'm ranting. I'll stop now.

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