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January 16, 2005



Had the pleasure of being up in Club NV (NYC) with Amanda Diva last week. She's even prettier in person. She can curse with the best of them too.

Jay Smooth

Seriously, Janeane is hella annoying! I've been holding bnack for months on making a post about that.


Say Jason, I think I saw a link to Your Negro Tour Guide here first... have you read it? Is it worth the read?

mindful prose
"It's also missing me really delving into the true inner workings of my snobbery."

hmm, i wasnt going to drop the s* bomb .. lol.
having said that an overuse of emoticons is a definite warning sign for me too.
nice blog, im looking forward to reading more of your reviews.


I wanna love Janeane but she def. goes off on some bugged-out tangents A LOT and says the kind of stuff that the right loves to use to paint everyone on the left as wacky anti-Americans with (her frequent "Cracker Belt" tirades and calls for the Blue States to seceeed immediately come to mind). So why do I still have this weird urge to put it on her though even though she's not what I consider a traditionally beautiful woman though?!!

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