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January 15, 2005



Is it Truss' or Truss's? Strunk and White (which, yes, I just found from the bottom shelf of the bookcase at 1:20 AM using a flashlight to avoid turning on all the lights) say to add apostrophe s to every name, regardless of final consonant, to indicate possessive, but I thought there was an exception if the name ends in double s.

Perhaps I am wrong. Either way, there's no chance of me getting up again to find another reference book.

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves sounds good; it's on the shelf already, so I hope to read it one of these days.


If I was being completely accurate it would be Truss's but stylistically I don't like the apostrophe-s at the end of words that end with 's' and definitely not after a double 's'.

It's an odd choice for me, too, because I know that if it was said aloud, I would say it as "Trusses" but visually, in the written word, that just bugs me.


You nailed this review; I enjoyed reading it.


Hey Jason,

As someone who does a lot of writing, I can say that I am horrible at remembering grammatical conventions. I'm particularly bad at noticing my own errors. Thank god for folks who review my work before I give it to merciless profs.

I think I'm going to give this book a read. And I might just byte your style and start posting about my reads.

My annoyance at the moment is that I've not learned my blogging program well. I hate how it makes little changes...like to my font style or size when I try to be slick and add block quotes or lines to seperate text in my entries. Live and learn.

Happy Sunday,



This is on my list of books to get. I'm really not a snob in regards to small things and I definitely don't have anything against all lowercases, since generally I prefer to type all lowercase - mostly because I'm too lazy to hit the shift key.


For the em-dash and such I'm always referencing this site http://www.natural-innovations.com/wa/doc-charset.html
It doesn't always work, but I can be more annoying than ∑M¤†i¢ºn§. I'm kidding, of course. That sort of nonsense would drive me crazy.

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