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December 29, 2004



there was so much good music,I couldn't keep my head on straight for the past two weeks.

You know, I've got the one Kilo Riley track, but because it's here on the list I'll get the entire CD. Same as Modest Mouse. You're killin' me with Faint and Spymob though. Haven't heard any of them.

With you on Sia though. The Church of What's Happening Now still haunts me. Guess I'd better start on the hot tracks of 2004.

todd kelley

Dope list! Music for me to check out! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!


Great List, De La And Zero 7 just barely missed my list. Hmmm, I'll have to give that Rilo Kiley a listen, I'm always looking for new goodness.


"Tracks Magazine and Amazon.com have both put [RK] on their best of 2004 lists but I haven't seen it getting much play elsewhere."

I gave it play:
(I'm way smack in the middle of the article, tho.)
& why isn't the Arcade Fire on your list of things that are moving you NOW? Have you seen them live yet? DO IT. omg. you will not be able to form sentences for weeks. They're going on tour again and I am prematurely and totally jealous of you because I do not think they will be coming to the poor, provincial likes of the Midwest again for a while.


Just made mine:

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