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July 28, 2004



I'm still feenin' for a Black Betty Boop doll.

And Brooke from MASS was the first democratically elected Black senator (can't remember his first name, or whether it's Brooks.)


public transportation for a month? you're a brave man.


I have to get one of those Barbies!


You are such a good egg. We love you.

A Crew

Oreo Barbie would never deign to reside in anything but "Uncle Tom's Cabana"--Oreos don't like cabins unless they are situated in cruise ships or yachts.

hey, did you really buy that Barbie? Would you be willing to see her for a whole $30?


Edward Brookes of Mass. Republican. Served from 1967 to 1972. Once people found out about his Af-Am ancestry, he never won another political race again.


I just bought an Oreo Barbie off of ebay too. Mine was only $10.60 though - ha! She sho' is funny.

I've been taking the metro for the past month since my car decided to die - it ain't fun.

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