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June 07, 2004



hmm, jason, you haven't been forthcoming. Last we read abt this romance, that girl at the club told you both how cute you looked together. Now the whole thing's been called off? Now we're post possibility? If you haven't been flirting with her already: git on it. Of course you give more than the cursory hug, remind her how great she looks, be first to light the cigarette, open a car door for the girl... Sheesh!


crushes are exactly... bittersweet. aren't they?

j. brotherlove

Damn. I forgot how well you tell a story.

I remember having a crush on one of my close friends. We did everything together and would talk on the phone for hours. Then one day I got the brilliant idea to confess my feelings to her and ask that we take our relationship "up a notch".

We shared one kiss and decided to remain "just" friends. After all of those years, the actual addition of sexual intimacy seemed... creepy. And we both agreed that if we were a full-fledged couple that some of the things we shared with one another might start to feel awkward.

It was probably the best decision we ever made. We're still good friends to this day.


Now, ten or more years after the fact, there are a few friends-cum-lovers that I could be friends with, again, without awkwardness. I think I've been on your friend's side of the equation a few times, and I say treasure the awkwardness, treasure the crush, treasure the pangs of unrequited whatever: those are all facets of life that make it so so scintillating.


I was there, man. Physically, mentally, and emotionally...I know where you've been and it's tough. Being at a Zero 7 concert with unrequited love is most certainly the definition of bittersweet.


Thank you for diggin Sia with me. She is something deep and wonderful and best shared with friends.

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