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January 16, 2004



you have written beautifully here. i am moved to link to this over at my place.

they've got these posters about martin's* birthday up around the hospital that say "make it a day on, not a day off" and go into a pitch for doing community service work - part of that "we're trying to build a culture of service here at the hospital" thingie - and i find myself wondering, how many will follow that advice? particularly since all of these wonderful people who work so very hard for so little pay helping others are walking on the knife edge of burnout all the time? but, although it's counter-intuitive, i think doing things for others can energize you in a different way when a paycheck isn't involved.

you are are to be commended for making sure your staff commemorates the day. [*i call Dr. King by his first name not out of disrespect but because my heroes Sweet Honey In The Rock do.]


This is a fantastic post. Ideally I'd like MLK, Jr. as a holiday with meaning, and a cancellation of Columbus Day.


I am moved to tears by the truth and beauty of this post. As soon as my blog goes back online (currently experiencing technical difficulties) I am going to link to it and send all 5 of my readers here. When I first heard of the Pretender crashing and postponing the ceremony already scheduled to take place in Atlanta to honour Dr. King, I was appalled and disgusted, and not at all surprised. His visit there was like a slap in the face to the american people. I found it offensive and opportunistic, and of course, he didn't see most of the protestors - as is his antisocial nature. My heart breaks with what has become of this country and all that was once good about it.


Once again, an on point post.


that is one insightful, thought-provoking post. seeing and being in the midst of the protesting on the way back home from work yesterday, it was one traffic jam i was proud to be in the middle of.

i get to work "from home" on monday if i so choose, but i can't say that we all can.


this post is really something. and though i am writing this on the 18th, the fact that you wrote this entry on the 16th is uncanny.

On January 16, 1865, Gen. William T. Sherman issued Special Field Order #15 , setting aside the Sea Islands and a 30 mile inland tract of land along the southern coast of Charleston for the exclusive settlement of Blacks. Each family would receive 40 acres of land and an army mule to work the land, thus "forty acres and a mule."


Best MLK entry I've seen all day. And, I stole your quote, but linked you for it.


You know... I go out and make check other blogs, and sometimes I stumble in on Ignorance, like this place: http://indigosinsights.blogspot.com/ (see 1/20)

Then I come back here, where its sane, and I feel a lot better. This is a blather-free zone.


the "state of the dream" report was actually done by a non-profit out of boston called "united for a fair economy" not negrophile (they only reposted)... i know this because i was a rsearch/media intern for the racial wealth gao team that wrote it...


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