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January 15, 2004



Excellent. Thank you!


You know I still posess casette singles of Rico Suave, All 4 Love and that one hit by Michel'le. Not to mention Jasmine Guy's one hit. Try and top that.


This is what i'm saying. You remind me of that chick Dorothy in that movie, where after running all over the place with those munchkins and battling flying monkeys, a good witch tells her she could have gone home all along.

babe, you've been sexy since i started reading this blog. back when you were ruminating about which wack classes you could take at community college, and whether or not you should attend that little church in your neighborhood.

i think you put your pic on the site and got all weirded out, like your writing wasn't good enough, (heck, like running 26.2 miles wasn't good enough)

regardless of how you look baby, sexy is in the mind.

just so you know


are you saying I'm ugly?

Just playin'.


Oh, man...I'm all about writing about making out. The hits and near misses. This is gorgeous, Jason. Thanks.


Another great post. Thanks for allowing us to stroll down memory lane with you. Michelle', Pet Shop Boys, Eazy E...I thought I was the only one.


I was right on the edge of nostalgia and this threw me right off. Reading this post hit me so hard I really had to stop and take a minute. I have my own version of "Penny". Mine was a cute pudgy faced boy named Joseph. What happened with Joseph, doesn't matter now. What matters and bothers me is the thought of countless opportunities I (we all) have and don't take advantage of when we have the chance. stupid, stupid, stupid. Thanks for the entry. Once again, beautifully expressed. I think I'll go back to listening to my Surface and Freddy Jackson cassettes.....


didn't say that. (sed you were sexy already). just noticed a distinct change in tone after the marathon -- from we're in the bar and we don't give a damm, cosmopolitan playboy--to "i wish i had made out in the stinky apt???"

you're feeling sorry for her, it's just that you identify with her (now), and wish your crush would ignore your stinky feet and akward glasses and make out with you.

look, if kobe can deal --and still be sexy-- if wm.clinton can still be sexy -- you marathon man, can deal.

don't play on the humble tip, 'cause you want ppl to repeat their compliments


I cannot believe you went the whole post and didn't mention "Penny Lover" by Lionel Richie.

Penny Lover, won't you walk on byyyyy...
Penny Lover, don't you make me cryyyyy...

:: jozjozjoz ::

OMG, I'm having a nostalgia attack!

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