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January 21, 2004



1. Al Sharpton is apparently my candidate, too.

2. I have to be in Vegas during Coachella this weekend and am *pissed* at my cousin for having to get married and all (though I'm planning a kick ass bachelorette party).

3. Book club = good.


1. book club: check out bookblog.net (you may have seen the Gender Genie that was making the rounds awhile back. BookBlog's mistress marydell made that) -- all online, members are the moderators (you just say you want to moderate one month) and pick the books so it's a pretty nice varied selection...

2. does "posting my monthly mix" mean putting a stamp on it?

Today I rediscovered the Eurythmics' "Love is a Stranger". I wanna go for a ride.


I've got Dean at 74% and Sharpton at 71%. Hee.


I heard that dean speech on the radio, and I thought he was a maniac...but then I saw the tape of it, and it just looked impassioned and real...not at all creepy. It really feels like (if I can indulge my inner conspiracy theorist) there was intent to make dean look (or sound) angrier than he actually was. Like that speech could have been framed in any of several ways, and the media chose to frame it as though he is a total madman. That, combined with the refusal of CBS to air the moveon ad has me feeling EXTREMELY paranoid these days.


Yeah. One of the problems for Dean is that he doesn't show much deference or respect to journalists and news media (often finding their questions asinine and telling them so) and because of that unwillingness to play the game, the perception of many news people is that he's "Angry" and have thus started reporting it that way.

He wants to be a grassroots kind of leader that engages people but it's been so long since we've had that kind of politician, the news media doesn't know how to react to it.

In my opinion, anyway.

Miss Mahoney

If you haven't seen it, they made little dance loops with his talk. It is entirely too hilarious:



Heather Donahue? Really?
Kucinich, then Sharpton, then Kerry, then Dean.
Which I already knew, but nice to reinforce.

Natalie Davis

Kucinich, Sharpton, Kerry, then Dean as well. And Kerry and Dean aren't on the table for me, so my principled options are limited.

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