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November 25, 2002



It's so refreshing to know someone out there actually "Gets it". Thanks for releasing some much-needed cosmic beauty into the atmosphere today.


Keep bringin' the sauce, baby!


you've left me breathless with this one. thanks.

j. brotherlove

You thief! You snatched these words right outta my brain. Okay, maybe not the words - those are yours. But certainly your mentality is eerily the same as mine.

I'm nodding so hard I getting whiplash.


I will be a singer in your choir. Keep saying it. People will listen.


RIGHT ON to y'all. I've liked this song ever since I've heard it and all these years, I never knew who sang it. Thank you for coming up with this website and having the information that people want so we don't constantly have to say to ourselves "I wonder what's the name of this song?, or I wonder who sings this song?" You are a big help for me. Thanks again!

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