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October 04, 2002



That's... intense.


wow jason.. what happened with the memory lapse? i just learned all about hypnotism in class last week.. i might be able to hook you up ;-)


Jaz -

3am your time? You out partyin til the wee hours?

I think the memory lapse is just because I wasn't ready to process it at the time. It was like a sucker punch and I just shook it off and kept walkin'.


i had to read that, digest it, and come back in order to have anything to say. intense, indeed.

if it were me, i would feel a sense of great loss having lost that conversation somewhere in my mind. but it's strange how the mind works like that. is it for the best? hmm.


That happens to me regularly when faced with deeply emotional conversations or events. I know the information is in my head somewhere, but I usually can't access anything but the feelings that were associated with it.

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