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January 30, 2002



The same Libertarian conversion happened to me, Larry Elder turned me too; really the only differace s are that I was younger (am younger as I am still in high school) and I came from the Jewish Librals instead of the black liberals, almost the same people. I love Larry Elder guy.


I hear alot of what your saying, I've had many thoughts on this subject too. Objectivly I'm close to a social libertarian, personally I don't care.

About the comment on gathering wealth and spending, I'm all for that. My personal goal is to get rich and never work again. Now thats a guilt trip, since all of us are taught to love work from childhood.

My liberalism comes not from people who obtain wealth, or the distance between them and us, we're all people. My grudge is with companies that exist to do nothing but gather wealth. Exploiting currency values, living conditions, etc to make more money. A corporation's value is immeasurable compared to a person. Union's made this bareable for awhile..

anyway, enough of my ranting. Something in your blog struck close to home. And its time i get off work and go home.


The problem with the liberalism you eventually confronted is one in which I have already faced. I found myself asking the very same questions; why?

I also found it difficult to argue against the right-wing ideas of choice and one's own self determination as the maker of one's destiny. However, after I investigated the issue further, I found that the wealth that what we enjoy would not be possible without the government and the taxes you pay. There is nothing wrong with capitialism, but the fact of the matter is that everyone does not have an equal opportunity in the system. All your taxes do is level the playing field and allow the disadvantaged to have an equal shot in that system (i.e. public education allows everyone access to the same skills and knowledge necessary for one to be a productive citizen). Now that does not mean capitalism is 'bad' or you have to feel 'bad' about making money and spending that money. Point being, equal opportunity is something I am willing to pay for, even if it is equal opportunity to be a capitalist.

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