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January 27, 2002



It's something, because I happened to stumble across your site (sheddup, Heffa; ain't nobody drunk.LOL) while searching for the lyrics of this one Outkast joint (actually, I typed "Is every brotha wearing dreads for the cause?") to sharpen a point I was attempting to make on another site. Listen, I haven't even finished READING everything you have to say, but I just could not read two more words of this page without telling you that I'm absolutely LOVING this site/page (whatever it is, I am soo like oh my God; I am like soo like totally like technologically not thereee.LOL)! It's so refreshing to see a bro that can hold it down for his peeps without all the,"GREETINGS, SISTER MOON/PEACE, MY BRUVVAAAA" rhetoric, knowin' FULL well after they put the mic down and the incense is blown out, they could really care less about blk upliftment.. Hey wait. I didn't finish reading your page, you could be ONE OF THEM, TOOOO! lol
Aiight, U take care and GET THAT WORK PUBLISHED!*hands on my hips*

Aaron The Truck Driver

Good luck on your new blog!

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