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October 01, 2006



Great recap...looks like you love The Wire as much as I do!

One thing...I took Herc's promotion to Major Crimes as a "congrats, you're fucked" move from the brass. And Cutty's journey is a kick to watch.



Props for the recaps. Marlo is cold as ice and his ego-tripping may be his downfall. It'll be interesting to see how the Omar conflict pans out. I'm pulling for Omar but he be better watch his back. Esp with Chris and Snoop.


Dan Wickett

Great re-cap as usual, I think you nailed down the forecast for next week as well, especially the Kima being good police angle.

miss ahmad

great recap but i still have a few question. is your boy the jacker having a homothug affair with the puerto rican?

it was a quit shot in last weeks episode but hasn't been dealt with or talked about sense.

enlighten me please!

Jason Toney

Yes, he is.

Omar's whole involvement in this world, for our purposes, has been linked, at least in part, to his sexuality.

He goes to war with the Barksdale crew during the first season because they kidnap, torture and kill his boyfriend, an event that was repeated last season with his most recent boyfriend, who gave up his location to Brother Mouzone before Mouzone and Omar came together to kill Stringer Bell.

Brandon's weakness, however, seems to have given way to new boy, Renaldo.


Nice recaps!

I think the whole season is going to revolve around Michael and various paths laid out in front of him.

My favorite character remains Omar. But I fear his luck may run out with the ruthlessly efficient Chris & Snoop in the picture.


Some bad trigger event is going propel McNulty back into the game with a vengance and he will be the one to bring the hammer down once again.

Finding the bodies in the buildings will happen just before the election causing havoc for the Mayor.


Again, awesome recap. I didn't piece together how Rawls intends to subvert Royce until you pointed it out.

I agree with the poster above that the bodies will come out before the election. And I also think that state senator (?) in the wheelchair will grow weary of Royce and throw his weight behind Carcetti.

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