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September 17, 2006



Thanks for the recap... a storm knocked out my satellite just near the end.

Is this the first time McNulty wasn't in an episode at all? I didn't miss him last night, but I hope he'll be substantially involved in this season somehow.

Jason Toney

This is one of the very few episodes where McNulty is nowhere to be found. I believe their might be an episode or two in season 2 in which he isn't featured but I might be wrong about that.

He does return next week for some interaction with Bunk and I'm assuming he'll play some role when things start going down in the Western with the kids since that is his beat but who knows.

Both he and Daniels are very secondary this season so far as Royce and Carcetti take up more time and we establish the kids.

I'm anxious to see some of my other season 2 faves like Cheese and Prop Joe.


My mind wasn't on Prop Joe until you mentioned him. I would wonder how they'd bring him in, but they're on a whole 'nother wavelength this season.

I kinda assumed that since McNulty was in the first ep that he would be a principle character this season so I didn't sweat it that he wasn't in this episode.

I absolutely, positively cannot wait for Omar in the next episode.


Good recap. I was really amazed by the fact that the kids were giving Prez such a bad time. Proves that not everyone, regardless of what they did before, can teach.


Oops! I am getting my episodes confused. I was commenting on "Homeroom". And you're right - watch out for Omar running the hood in his pajamas.


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Paul Stanley

Man, Marlo sooner or later is going to "get got". The Barksdale boys are weak since the falling of the project towers and the lack of muscle takes away the hustle from the Barksdale crew, the remaining boys.

WeeBay's son is on the corner but aint doing nothing. He talks to he father about his desires to take the corners back.

That girl named, Snoop, what a character. In real life, I heard from a relative that she really killed someone by stabbing, however, it was self defense. She also grew up hard, problem after problem.

Its going to be interesting as the heat builds up. Avon Barksdale in jail again after violating parole and could face up to now a life sentence.

Will the Barksdale crew recover or actively join with the co op crew? Who will be the next Mayor of Baltimore, the white boy councilman?

Who will become the next Baltimore City Commisioner? Will the old team of detectives reunite again to solve another problem situation in the streets?

Stay tuned! -- paul stanley

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