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September 11, 2006



I can't wait to get this album. I was a casual JT fan, but I think I'm joining his team now.

j. brotherlove

I'm really not loving the project. As you stated, the songs are too long and the combo of different songs into one doesn't work for me b/c I don't always like both songs.

It's not as bad as when Prince made Lovesexy one track (that was insane). But thank goddess I can edit my own version of Justin's CD.


Man, I'm so behind and out of it that my hosting plan expires on Friday, I haven't picked up JT or Beyonce. I haven't even heard Danity Kane's single!

Yeah, I'm a mess...

greg soundz

don't forget to give TIMBALAND his props man. Will only worked on two songs (i think)...Tim is the mastermind behind this sound.


Pitchfork gave it an 8. The Village Voice is calling it "pop album of the year." I cannot stop listening to it. Holy hell. This is some sort of time space continuum shift up in here; where are the four horsemen?

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