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July 29, 2006


the izza

Let's face it, Delacroix: I have probably spent more time djing in f*g bars than the average cat. Does that make me hipper than thou? Probably not. Does that interaction with the gay community, as well as my volunteer work, et al make me slightly more compassionate and give me a perspective Joe Black Straight Guy -- even the superior "boojee" Negroes -- wouldn't have?


Smart people wouldn't argue that point. Like with any outsider, proximity does not grant license, but it certainly informs perspective. Duh. And, for the record, I took way more insults than I dished out. But you wouldn't know that, because you're were too cool to read it through. Frankly, talking to hysterical gay men can be alot like talking to angry black women. But since you are too good to hang out with black people, that analogy is probably useless to you. My biggs.

Since I went about starting what i take to be an important dialog the wrong way--and maybe I did--show me how it's done. I'm always willing to learn... uh, no homo.

I tried. I failed. Get some of that... homie.

ps: thanks for the post.

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