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July 31, 2006



I think I agree with almost everything you said, including about Martini Republic. I think blogging.la has benefitted from the harsh criticism they've had, even if they don't want to admit it. I think LAObserved still bristles far too much towards any criticism sent their way, and at this point that's just completely immature; on the group front, the new biz blog is great but the sports blog is really shaky so far. I love the fact that busLAistblog has Tony's personal stamp---LAist was getting too close to a bulletin board and should have been more scenester anyway. I think you should have included MayorSam, which continues to shake City Hall quite a bit, and maybe you might note that the now-defunct Noti Los Angeles will come back in a different form within a group blog. I probably would have mentioned LAVoice but it's hard to say much about it; Mack doesn't listen to crit anyway. All in all, I would bet LA has the world's best city-devoted blogosphere, and it's also one of the capitals of national-level blogging as well.


This is one of my new favorite blogs. Thank you for highlighting the good, bad, and the ugly about LA blogs! Love love love that!

Mack Reed

Boy is my face red. We had full-text RSS for quite a while there, but when I upgraded the software a few months back, I failed to notice the feed had reverted to partial.

I just fixed it.

It's all there now - pix and everything: http://LAVoice.org/backend.php


Sorry, you forgot the best of them all, Taco. http://www.lataco.com


The only site of these I consistantly read is LAist, mostly because it was an easy transition from Gothamist when I moved here from NYC. I have the exact same problems with LAist that you mention in your post, so maybe there's something more to it than you being nostalgic. Having no TV and not yet finding a satisfying NY1 (either print, web or broadcast) style local news source makes me feel out of touch with my new city and I wish I could rely on LAist to fill that void. Thank you for putting it so well and here's hoping that Tony takes some of it to heart rather than just saying "eff you, the site meter is through the roof and I don't care what you think."


Jessica, the blog-feed site cityfeeds might be good for that. Check out http://losangeles.cityfeeds.com


I miss LA too much to read these regularly, but my 4 tops are LAObserved, blogging.la, losanjealous and LAist. I think of LAist as a foster child: Adrienne taught it to crawl, with Jason it learned to talk and walk, with me it learned its ABCs, and with Tony it's learning to party and pick up girls. Someday it was going to have to stop being all responsible and learn how to have fun, and Tony's the man for that.


Such good points you make. Personally LAist is alienating me these days because it feels like a white guy/frat guy/obectifying women/boobs-out-everywhere-fest and unless you're a 20something straight dude living in NE LA and going to Spaceland you can't (or rather not) relate. I always liked it better when you were ed, honestly.

Andrew Tseng

I got linked here from LAist, and after reading your post, I can't agree more about the shape of LAist today. I feel a lot more disconnected from the blog nowadays, as opposed to when I first started visiting the site and became an avid reader. To be frank, I just get the feeling that everyone there is an asshole. I still read the site occasionally, but I feel like I get a lot more "LA" out of other sites.

Also, Tony claiming to be a Lakers fan and bashing Kobe after the Miami Heat won the championship crossed the line for me.

Joe Mack

If you like conspiracy theory, race and sex, check out my site.


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