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June 13, 2006



I didn't know that - about the Cherokees - that's rough. You make it tough to hang on to any romanticized versions of history and African American ancestry, and that's refreshing.


This is such a poignant entry for me. Octavio and I have conversations about this all the time. I still don't know what it means to be "American" and I dislike the hyphenated-American labels. But I can't really be Viet anymore, even though that's my ethnic makeup. I want to shed this nationalistic association and just be Ann.


Followed a link to get here. This post spoke to me. I actually read the answer to number 5 out loud to guest and my sisters, and we have a good idea where we are from following my father's male blood line (French, because we need European validation). I don't look French so there's obviously more to that story.

Thanks. Really. Thanks.


Really nice. Thanks for that.

My great-great-greats were Cherokee. Could that explain why my dad is such a racist twit?

Cause I sure can't explain it.

Anyway, great post.


both sides of my families have done family trees. but we haven't gotten further than here in mississippi.

your #5 question spoke to me as well. we will never know who we were or where exactly we came from. we'll never know our true name.



Miss Ahmad

poignant and painfully true.

Ironically a co worker and I were talking about the Cherokee Nation the other day and how they migrated from the Carolinas into the Oaklahoma area during the trail of tears.

My family escaped slavery in the Carolinas and lived as blacks with the Indians until they settled in Tulsa.

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