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April 30, 2006


Waddie G.

Man, you got me want to jump on BearShare and download some of these gems.


I cannot express how happy I am to know you've committed Myspace-icide. I can't bear to look at any of those pages for they must certainly induce epileptic seizures. Seizures, I say!

Yay also to the new job! Can't wait to hear more.

Finally, how about that Lakers/Suns game? That's what I'M talkin' about! WOOO!


I've been thinking about committing myspace-icide too. I am guilty of signing up because it's the thing to do, but I haven't done a thing with it! I'm definitely a little long in the tooth for it...


NOO! You were in my top 8! J/K. You're free from the shackles. Rejoice!

New job?! Gasp! What could it be? The world waits with baited breath...

Miss Ahmad

oy it must be something going around, because I'm seriously considering committing myspace-icide, i'm so over it I can't fake it anymore...

welcome back. congrats on the gig!


Oh yes! I concur. But you know, my friend, Charlotte did it a couple of years ago and your sister too. I think it will happen for me as well...


congrats on the new gig! i'm trying to stay away from myspace.

EJ Flavors

As disclosed in Philly while on my mini-vacation: "Ghostface Killah? Hot. MySpace? Not."

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