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May 26, 2003



I totally don't remember putting my fist in my mouth. In fact, I was just saying that I was surprised I didn't pull that particular party trick. Oh, alcohol, you are a harsh mistress.

Don't worry, I think you're really funny, even when I'm sober.


How excited am I right now to realize this is you! I know you've linked to me before, and I never made the connection. That Jessica, opening doors for all of us. So when do we get to go do a night like that again??


Maybe we should gang up on JEM -- you know, tie her to a chair and compliment her for fifteen minutes straight. See how she likes it! HAH! Take that, JEM! TAKE IT!


I'm totally sober, so I'm telling the truth: I love all of you. And my teeters love you too. Thanks for such a fabulous evening!

j. brotherlove

My housemate Boom demonstrated Enter The Matrix for me, last night. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. There are some definite cool elements. But there are also some drawbacks. For instance, you can fix a lemon drop martini during the load times. Egads.


obviously, i haven't been drinking enough. but i'm inspired now :)


i surfed in here somehow and i like your site. I also looked for a guestbook but could not find one. So i settled for this comment box even though I don't have any comments about this particular entry. Anyway, just thought i would let you know I was here, and I will probably be back to read more when i get time. I liked your entry about you being lowercase black:)

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